TriBorg+ Triplicate your Raspberry Pi GPIO header

TriBorg - A GPIO header replicator board for 40 pin Raspberry Pi's.
Gives you three GPIO headers to plug in break out boards, add on boards, just about anything that is designed to connect on to a RPi.

Ready to solder - this includes the TriBorg+ PCB, three 2x20 pin male headers and one 2x20 female header.

Mounts nicely on a Raspberry Pi B+, A+, Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3.

Comes with 4x nylon spacers, 4x nylon screws, 4x nylon nuts.

Raspberry Pi Version Compatible?
Model A Use TriBorg original
Model A+ YES
Model B rev 1 Use TriBorg original
Model B rev 2 Use TriBorg original
Model B+ YES
Raspberry Pi 2 YES
Raspberry Pi 3 YES
Raspberry Pi Zero YES - using only one pair of screw holes

Please note this product is not soldered. Raspberry Pi not included.

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