DiddyBorg Screw and post set

Screw kit. Includes
2x M2x8 Nylon screw
2x M2 Nut
2x M2 Washers

4x M2.5 Screw
4x M2.5x10 white post
4x M2.5 nut

24x M3x12 Cheese screw
52x M3 Spring washer
16x M3 Lock nut
12x M3x8 Cheese screw
8x M3x40 Black Nylon post
11x M3 Black Nylon nut
3x M3x10 black post
3x M3 Black Screw

6x M4x5 Cheese screw

Black and Red Wire
Reuseable Cable Tie

[Please note it does not include]
Motor grub screw - purchased with motor
Motor Hub - purchased with motor
Allen key - purchased with motor
Comms cables - purchased with PicoBorg Reverse
M3 white washers - purchased with BattBorg kit

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