4Borg - DiddyBorg's smaller brother

An armour plated 4x4 robot for only £99!

- We are no longer making 4Borgs, why not check out our DiddyBorg instead :)

Whether it's to learn robotics, spy on your siblings, or even chase the cat this heavy duty robot can handle it.
Great for learning about engineering and robotics, the kit takes about 30-60 minutes to build and supports remote control over WiFi or Bluetooth.

  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Includes our famous PicoBorg Reverse 5A motor controller
  • Brass hubs and support posts
  • Runs up to 30 mins on a single charge. Lasts approx 15 mins at full speed
  • Fused with reverse polarity protection
  • Easy access on/off switch
  • Compatible with latest Raspberry Pi models
  • Includes mounts for Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Easy to assemble kit

It works with the Raspberry Pi 2, model A+ or model B+, and supports mounting the Raspberry Pi camera on the front.

Raspberry Pi Version Compatible?
Model A NO
Model A+ YES
Model B rev 1 (Early) NO
Model B rev 2 NO
Model B+ YES
Raspberry Pi 2 YES
Raspberry Pi 3 YES
Raspberry Pi Zero 1.2 YES (Does not support optional camera)
Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3 YES

Easy access to Raspberry Pi for programming, connecting and adding on boards.

Remotely control and remotely view with optional WiFi module

Kit includes:
Stainless steel Chassis
PicoBorg Reverse motor controller
4x motors, wheels and hubs
9v battery board
Full screw kit with two allen keys

Does not include but requires Raspberry Pi, SD Card, 9V PP3 battery.
Does not include optional Raspberry Pi Camera, wifi or bluetooth module.
Requires cross head and flat screw drivers, and sidecutters or at least scissors for assembly.
Requires soldering iron for motors (pre soldered motors available).

4Borg - DiddyBorg's smaller brother

4Borg in kit form

Optional Bluetooth Module

USB Bluetooth module for your 4Borg.
Adds the ability to connect Bluetooth devices to your Raspberry Pi, such as keyboards, joysticks, and game controllers.
Perfect for use with the joystick examples provided when paired with a Bluetooth game controller.
If you have a PS3 controller see the Raspbians PS3 Bluetooth guide here to use it with this Bluetooth module.
Powered from the Raspberry Pi.


Optional Wifi Module

USB WiFi module for your 4Borg.
Adds the ability to connect to wireless networks, allowing you to talk to your 4Borg remotely.
Perfect for remote access via SSH, or getting your 4Borg controlled from the network.
Powered from the Raspberry Pi.


Lead free solder

2 meters of lead free solder, perfect for assembling 4Borg.
95.5% tin, 3.5% silver, 0.7% copper. 0.7mm diameter.
Has a lower melting temperature (217 deg C) than most lead free solder (~227 deg C)
Please ensure adequate ventilation and safety whilst soldering.


Optional pre soldered motor & switch upgrade

If you don't want to solder the motors and switch yourself, you can purchase this upgrade.
This purchase will replace the motors and the switch in your kit with ones which have cable pre soldered on them.
Available only with the purchase of a 4Borg.