DC Motor+ Stepper Motor


I would like to know if its possible to use just one PicoBorg to control two DC Motors and one 5 wires Stepper Motor.
If not, its possible to use two PicoBorg connected to a Triborg to solver this problem?

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When using a stepper motor with PicoBorg it needs all four motor outputs for itself, so a single PicoBorg will only be able to drive the stepper on its own.

As for using a second PicoBorg, simply using a TriBorg is not enough unfortunately.

To make a second PicoBorg work you would need to change which GPIO pins the PicoBorg is connected to, like they did for the Raspberry Pi-ano v2:

Alternatively a PicoBorg Reverse and a PicoBorg can be used at the same time with a TriBorg, the PicoBorg Reverse would also give you better control of the two DC motors.

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