Resistors in parts-don't see them in diagram

Hello again.
I'm ready to start soldering my motors and relays. I have 2 resistors in the packets of parts I ordered, but I don't see them on the diagram. Can you tell me where they should be used?


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The resistors are an optional component which are not always required.

If the PicoBorg is powered separately from the Raspberry Pi, for example two sets of batteries, then the resistors are not required and can be ignored.

If the PicoBorg is powered from the same supply as the Raspberry Pi, for example one set of batteries and a regulator for the Pi, then the resistors may be needed to prevent the Pi from restarting when powering the motors.
If they are required then they should be connected between the red M+ wires and the tab on the motor (see the attached picture).


After many months, I'm back assembling my PiCy. I don't seem to have the three prong part that connects between the batteries and the control board. I also no longer see it on the site. Has that part been changed? What were the type and values?


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The three-pronged part is a linear regulator, it is used to generate the 5v supply for the Raspberry Pi.

We do not stock this part any more, you have two options for using the PiCy:

  1. Use a separate 5v battery supply for the Raspberry Pi
    This way you do not need the regulator
  2. Find the same / similar regulator elsewhere

The regulator we sold was a MCP1826S-5002E which can be found from several places such as Digi-Key or Ebay.

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