4Borg Zeroborg Mecanum Wheels


Were there instructions on how to put together the bot from the video?

I have the 4Borg and Zeroborg https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frobotics/zeroborg-robotics-for-the... and the Mecanum wheels - https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/11578

The clearance from the mecanum wheels is very tight and the grub screws are barely connecting. I see from the video that is some kind of difference in mounting the wheels. I was trying to find the original post regarding where to source the wheels for reference, but I am unable to find that either.

Thank you

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We achieved this by changing the hub part of the mecanum wheels so that they are facing outwards instead of inwards. This is a bit fiddly to do and requires dissembling the wheels. If you do the same be very careful, there are some small parts which are easily lost!

Thank you! The spring clips did have quite a bit of tension attaching to the spokes. For safety reasons I would recommend eye protection to anyone attempting removing the clips and clearing a space for any projectiles.

Another note for anyone else attempting. The clips have a slightly audible click when fully locked in. I used small pliers perpendicular to the clip to make it click.

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