PiCy-how many holes in the base

Looking at the PiCy diagram for the base, I see 5 locations where holes should be drilled. Later on, i see instructions to drill holes for
Motor left +
Motor left -
Motor Right +
Motor Right -
Motor power
Raspberry Pi power

and then 2 holes for the raspi mounting brackets. Which of these are the original holes uses for? Also, when you look at the diagram for the base, where should the motors be mounted to make effective use of the pre-drilled holes. Would you have them on the left side of the diagram or the right?

Slightly confused but eager to press on.

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Hi Dave,

On the diagram for the base the holes are lined up for the following:
Far left: Raspberry Pi mount 1, Battery mount 1
Top centre: Raspberry Pi mount 2
Centre: Battery mount 2
Top right: Optional regulator (VRM) mount
Right: Caster mount (the long bolt in our mount kit)
The 4x AA battery holder we sell should be able to be mounted on both mount points, you can only mount it on one of them if you choose.

Drilling additional holes for cables is really an optional step to make PiCy look tidy, it can therefore be skipped entirely if you choose.
If you do decide to drill holes for cables you should place them wherever will look best to you :)

The motors we have glued or taped to the base, placing them either side of the battery pack (left side of the base diagram).

Hopefully that clears things up ^_^

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