Separate power sources?

Is is possible to power the Pi separately from the ZeroBorg? I've got 4 fairly chunky motors, am running off 6 x AA atm, have set the voltage in to 6 * 1.5, as I saw in another post. I've was getting power related reboots so I tweaked these figures and they *seem* to have stopped atm. However, I am not sure what the best settings are.

Additionally, I still want to add several sensors (and blinkies!) to the Pi so powering it separately seems like the best option to avoid any power issues, can this be done?

Many thanks!


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Yes, you can power the Raspberry Pi separately.

What you will need to do is remove the DC/DC from the ZeroBorg so that it does not provide 5V to the Pi.
You can then power the Raspberry Pi either using the USB power connection on the Pi or a board like BattBorg connected to the 6-pin header on the ZeroBorg.

Sorry, being a bit dense - do you mean remove one of the onboard jumpers or do you mean just don't attach the 5v lines to the Pi? (Incidentally I am connecting using 6 female - female wires atm)


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That would work as well, good thinking :)

You need to connect the other four pins: 1, 3, 5, and 6.
Leave pins 2 and 4 disconnected from the ZeroBorg.

Many thanks - logic said that it would be ok, but wanted to check first, in case my logic was a bit sketchy!


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