IR receiver for the ZeroBorg ?

I have a few IR receiver chips in my junk box and I was wondering if there was a preferred chip to use with the ZeroBorg .

I know there are a different carrier frequencies for different chips 38/40 kHz but I believe it is more important to tie the receiver to the remote control handset.

I just expect it to work or not. Its the not working and not knowing if itis the lack of Python on my part or the H/W + S/W are not compatible.

Any ideas people ?

Matt B

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While it has only been tested with the IR receiver we normally use, it will probably work fine with a different receiver.
The receiver will need to work at 3.3V, as you suspect the frequency is best matched to the remote and the ZeroBorg will not be affected by the choice.

If you have one I would suggest testing it with a Sony remote first, they seem to work best with the ZeroBorg normally.

The pinout for the IR receiver holes is shown below.


Many thanks for the detailed reply.
The first random IR sensor out the parts bin just worked first time. Very happy.

Chewie B

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