KS1 Power from GPIO

A while ago I bought a KS2 Unit and plugged it into a Pi Zero and was able to control the conntected motors directly from the Pi connected Power Supply
I have since bought a KS1 unit (since I didnt need the PP3 Header bits) and find that although it works fine it needs an external power supply

Is there somewhere I can solder a pair of jump leads from the GPIO into the KS1 board (e.g. the PP3) header holes to power motors directly rather than via the external power screw terminals ?

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It is possible to use the holes that the 5V regulator uses to make the connection.
The three pins are for:

  1. Battery input
  2. 0V
  3. 5V

Connecting the 5V and battery input pins together will allow you to power the motors from the GPIO 5V instead.
See the image attached below.

Make sure that the power supply to the Raspberry Pi can supply enough current for both the Raspberry Pi itself and the motors attached.


Thanks will give it a go

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