Doodleborg Tank

I would like to build a Pi powered tank. basically exactly like yours, but with tracks instead. i was wondering if i could get build instructions, parts list, etc. on how to build yours, that i could work off of, and make my tank with.

any info is appreciated, thank you.

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We do not have a proper parts list or set of build instructions per say, we built him one piece at a time.

From memory the parts we have on him are:

  • 2× 6mm laser cut steel sheets - bespoke pattern
    The bottom plate has additional mounting holes and cut-outs for the motors
  • 6× 350 W electric scooter motors
  • 6× mini ATV wheels and tyres
  • 6× M10 nyloc nuts for the wheels
  • 10× upright aluminium posts with M10 threads
  • 20× M10×40 screws
  • 20× M10 nylon washers
  • 6× axles with gears
  • 6× sprockets and chain to go between the motors and the axles
  • 12× bearings, two per axle
  • 48× M12 screws for the bearings
  • 48× M12 nuts for the bearings
  • 2× motorcycle lead-acid batteries (12V)
  • 1× tow-ball
  • 10× 10mm perspex side panels
  • 4× EPO switches
  • 1× custom remote EPO
  • 50 A capable wire for the motor power
  • Diablo motor control boards
  • Diablo high-current connector and fuse set, one for each Diablo
  • 3× 24 V relays for the EPO circuit, one per Diablo
  • 1× Raspberry Pi
  • 1x BattBorg to power the Raspberry Pi
  • Bluetooth dongle to connect the PS3 controller
  • 1× PS3 controller to drive DoodleBorg
  • 1× RC controller to provide the remote EPO

thank you so much. where is the cheapest place i can find those motors?

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We bought the motors for DoodleBorg via Ebay.
They are 350 W, 24 V.

From memory they cost something like £300 for the set of six.

ok, so ive tracked down most of the things. a major thing i will need is a layout of how the bottom plate needs to be cut, because i ave to take it to someone to do that. is there any way i can get a blueprint with exact measurements of where the holes and slots need to be? i need to be able to take the materials desighns into a metal fabricator to have them cut me a bottom plate. the only thing i could find on where the holes need to be is this pic. i need exact measurements. thank you for your help. this robot is gonna be my robotics class flagship.

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Unfortunately it is not quite that simple.

The holes will need to match the components you have purchased which may not be the some as ours.
In particular the motors and bearings will likely have different fixing holes, these make up most of the holes in the base plate.

can you tell me where you found the parts for the axels themselves, the chains, and the blue brackets, and berrings?

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Like the motors these bits mostly came from Ebay.

The axles were manually adjusted, they came from a mini-ATX but they needed to be shortened and the ends reduced in diameter.
We did this using a lathe by hand so they are really bespoke parts.

ok. how soon will you have more diablo controllers?

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Unfortunately we have been having problems sourcing one of the components on the Diablo.
This has prevented us building any more boards.

We are currently waiting for our suppliers to get back to us about stock times.

Do you remember what type of chain you used? i doubt you used bicycle chains on that. they derail too easy (they are designed for that arnt they?) lols.

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I believe they were intending for small powerered off-road quadbikes.

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