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Please let us know via the forum if your case is compatible with the LedBorg and we will compile a list. Most cases should fit, but tight cases, low profile and cases with securing mechanisms near the GPIO port may need some modifications to fit.
Please post your photos here!

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Same case as found here Thanks guys it's a fun board. Raspians

Hi, I can confirm that the LedBrog also fits the pibox case.

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Fits in a Pibow case nicely ;)

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The LEDBorg fits in the RS Components Model B case. I have the white one and see a glow through the case, but I'm probably going to drill a hole for the light to shine through before too long.

Has anyone tried it?

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YpNadix tweeted that the LedBorg doesn't fit into Cyntech cases :('s picture

Works fine. You should pick a transparent one (clear, blue, red), on the opaque ones the LED will not shine thru!
Available at Reichelt.

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Saw this on amazon: "I purchased this case so that my LEDborg ( Raspberry Pi module could shine through it. It works perfectly to that end and adds just the right amount of diffusion to the LED."

It can be bought here:

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I'm YpNadix from Twitter. piborg has talked about my tweet.
Yes, I have an Iceberry case from Cyntech, and the LedBorg isn't working "out-of-the-box" with this enclosure. I'm curious to know how this man succeeded with a LedBord, on Amazon.
I saw another article about LedBorg with this case.
I finally decided to modify the enclosure myself. As you can see, on the first picture, my case is the one described earlier.

Why it doesn't work?
On the 2nd picture, there are "holes" for the screw. The hole on the top right blocks the LedBorg corner. That's why you can't close it. The holes are conicals.

What did I do?
First, I filed the LedBord corner (top left). I included a picture. I gained some millimeters. Then, I also filed the hole with a tiny rasp, from my father.
Now, I can close my enclosure.

Maybe people from others websites are using new case version, but you will probably need to do some work.
It's a risk, if you dislike this.
Sorry for the pictures quality, but I used my webcam.

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Hi guys,
I bought a new case for another RPi and I needed an acrylic case because it's much better for heat (sides are open). I found Raspbox from Yoctopuce.
Here the link:
The case seems to be pretty nice and well designed. Since I have a LedBorg, I contacted them and I asked a custom cutting because I was pretty sure I couldn't use it with my LedBorg (thanks to pictures on the web).

I received it this morning, and I tested it. My cuts are just... perfect. ;)
Picture 1

As you can see on the following picture, there are two differents pieces. Left piece is the normal cut and the right piece is the "custom".
Picture 2
You will need at least 2 custom pieces (one for the left and another one for the top-right). Look the first picture and you'll understand it.

I wanted to post on this forum, because it's much more simple to ask for a new cut, instead of doing it yourself.
Here the schematics in PDF I used (did it myself with a pen). Sizes are in mm:

The case itself is really awesome. The materials have a good quality and you feel it's very tough and solid. The RPi doesn't move and it fits without any issues.
It's worth it, you can buy it.

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I won a SB Components case in a recent Linux User Mag competition and thought I'd post it up. It fits the LedBorg, XLoBorg and PicoBorg in nicely.

You can buy them from here: SB Raspberry Pi Case

Here's a shot with it holding a LedBorg:
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I've also seen on Twitter, @laptopBlues has used a Short Crust case with a LedBorg and can confirm it's compatibility. You can buy the case from PiSupply.

Here's a shot of it:


no fit, but still somehow ok...

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